The commercial rental property market is extremely diverse and includes a wide variety of office buildings, retail complexes, distribution facilities and warehouses.  West Point Realty, Inc. consistently assist clients in the search for the perfect property for their business needs.  We offer many properties to choose from and provide detailed information about these properties. 


West Point Realty, Inc. understand our clients can feel overwhelmed by seeking out a property that not only meets their requirements but their expectations as well.  So being leaders in the property management industry, we can help make this process a smooth transition for them.  With our knowledge, skills & effective communication our clients can feel confident they are choosing from the best properties on the market.

West Point Realty, Inc. thrives on providing outstanding service!



About Us


West Point Realty, Inc. is a full service commercial leasing agency with 30 years of dedicated service having the expertise to meet the client's expectations and needs.

Understanding the needs of our clients is an important aspect of ours.  Getting them to move into a space in a timely manner, responding to their requests and continually assessing their satisfaction to the property's amenities is key to our success.

West Point Realty, Inc. also provides physical management of the structures and outdoor areas.  We maintain a vigorous and professional relationship with contractors and repair companies.  We monitor the quality of all repairs and maintenance because it is important to client retention to  have well-maintained properties.

West Point Realty, Inc. specialization in property management gives us the confidence to accomplish the necessary requirements needed with efficiency.